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When a dream comes true!

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

On May 18, 2018 I received this photo from Kuldeep (Wov Tours). For a number of years we had been fantasizing about an accommodation in a rural part of India. Not far from a city. When I saw the photo below, I felt that this could be the one! It was the start of an adventure. If we took one step forward, we took two back ... but we remained confident (well, not always to be honest). And today we have taken a very big step .. 6 people came to evaluate the house on many points. We have to adjust some small things but we can open as a homestay!! Lots of work still has to be done, which will take a few months. It is and remains a challenge, but we will just go for it. We will put all our love and passion for India and travel in this project. This proves to never give up on your dreams! Follow us at here!

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