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Our Spiritual Retreats are a gift to yourself. 4 or 7 days just for you, some time away from everyday life. You can start your retreat every day of the week. We can always personalize your stay. For example stay longer, add more yoga or add cultural or creative elements. Please contact us for more information. We only offer retreats in Varanasi at the moment.

Spiritual Retreat - day to day programm 

Day 1

Arrival in Varanasi.

5pm - Itinerary Brief and an evening puja inside Namastay

Varanasi with a priest and Mantra chants.


Day 2

4.45am - Leave for Assi Ghat

5am to 6am - Morning Aarti

6am to 7.30am - Morning Sunrise Boat Ride

8am to 9.30am - Morning Yoga

9.45am to 11am - Breakfast

11am to 12.00 noon - Session on Ayurveda and Panchkarma

12noon to 2pm - Panchkarma Massage

2pm to 3.30pm -Lunch

4pm to 5pm - Evening Meditation and Talk on Indian Philosophy.

5.30pm to 6.30pm - Rudrabhishek Pooja Ceremony in a Temple

7.30pm - Return to Hotel and Dinner


Day 3

7am to 9am - Yoga Session

9am to 10.30am - Breakfast.

10.30am to 11am - Reach  University Temple.

11am to 12.30 noon - Session on Hinduism in Temple and University Tour

12.30noon to 2pm  - Satvik Lunch at Sparrow Cafe

2.30pm - Reach Old City and Walk of Lanes and Alleys

6pm to 7pm - Evening Aarti.

7.30pm to 8.30pm - Mantra Chanting followed by Flute Recital.

8.30pm - Dinner at Sparrow Cafe and Return to Hotel


Day 4 

7am to 8.30am - Meditation and Yoga

9am to 10 am - Breakfast

10.15am - Check Out and visit city for shopping followed by enroute to Airport

If staying for 7 days

Day 4

6am to 8am - Boat Ride from Namastay to Assi.

8am to 9.30 am - Yoga

9.30am to 11am - Morning Breakfast

11am to 12noon - Talk on Indian Philosophy.

12 noon to 2pm - Session on Ayurveda and Panchkarma

2pm to 3.30pm - Lunch

3.30pm to 5.30pm - Panchkarma Massage

5.30pm to 6pm- Return to Hotel

7pm to 7.30pm - Evening Pooja.


Day 5

6am to 8am - Yoga Session at NamaStay.

8.30am to 10am - Breakfast.

10.30am to 11.00am - Travel to City.

11.00am to 1.00pm - Session on Astrology and Astrology Consultancy.

1.30pm to 3pm - Lunch

3pm to 5pm - Boat Ride and tour on Life and Death in Varanasi with visit to Mukti Bhawan, Cremation Ghat and Meeting Babas.

5pm to 7pm - Rudrabhishek Pooja Ceremony in a Temple.


Day 6

7am to 9am - Yoga followed by a Pooja with Mantra chants.

9am to 10.30am - Breakfast

10.30am to 11.30am - Travel to Sarnath.

11.30am to 2pm - Sarnath Tour.

2pm to 3.30pm - Lunch

3.30pm to 4.00pm - Visit to City.

4pm to 6pm - Temples Tour.

6pm to 8pm - Classical Music Evening.

8pm to 8.30pm - Reach Hotel.


Day 7

7am to 9am - Yoga and Meditation.

10am to 12.00 noon - Check Out and Chunar Fort Visit

12.00noon - Leave for Airport.

COSTS (incl. a comfortable AC room, all meals, car with driver available for all days, all sightseeing tours incl. a guide, all lectures/classes/massages, one contactperson)

4 days programm € 650,00 per person (based on double room occupancy)

Single rooms supplement € 115,00

7 days programm € 835,00 per person (based on double room occupancy)

Single rooms supplement € 200,00

For more information please sent an e-mail to

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