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Varanasi is the best says Bau

During my visits to Varanasi to work on my Boutique hotel Namastay Varanasi I always bring a visit to Pappu Tea Stall. This is where I met Bau. He is 87 years old and daily visitor to Pappu Tea Stall in Varanasi. He comes at 08:30 every dag and loves to talk with the other visitors about daily life, politics, sports...

Today they talk about cricket, Modi - a very honest man says Bau - and my home country the Netherlands 🙂 Bau is retired. He had a government job, something with irrigation. He lives practically around the corner from the tea shop, is married and has two sons, two daughters and grandchildren. He loves coming here to meet friends. Even though he has seen almost all parts of India he says "Varanasi is the best, Varanasi is excitement!"

If you also want to have a chat with Bau, please visit Pappu Tea Stall at Assi Ghat. Also for a good cup of Chai or Lemon Tea.

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